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5 Android News Apps for Tablets

News provides great source of knowledge about the latest happenings in geographical area of world. Some people will be always found to listening or reading news. Some years back people were only limited to news papers but with the development in media and technology it has become much easier stay update any time and mobile phones have made it much flexible to get recent updates regarding anything you desire. There are some news apps developed by android for users having tablets PCs. With the help of these amazing apps users can easily get daily news items and updates on their tablet PCs. The only thing they have to do is that to download the following news apps for their tablets PCs and enjoy the daily news updates live on their tablets.Android News Apps

1.     Feedly:

It is an amazing app which is supported with an amazing layout with the available listings of some text based articles. This app is supported with Google Reader and Instapaper with the help of which users can also view the news later anytime you want. Users can also share this news with their friends via twitter.

There are two versions of this app. One is known as the light version and the other is known as the dark version. It contains lay out in which there is a big page with big titles and spacing so that user may not feel crowd of news on the page and read each and every line easily.

2.     Pulse News:

This amazing app is supported with many social networking sites like Facebook which helps users to share the most important happenings easily with their friends and family members. Like there is some important news and you want to tell it to your family so with this app you can share that news simply with this app.

3.     CNN:

Everyone is aware of the fact that CNN is the world known and trustable news bureau. It broadcasts most reliable headlines and with this app in your android device users will be able to stay update to fresh headlines and news all the time.

4.     CNET:

This is award winning app and tablet for the user will be not effective without this news app. This app is supported with image galleries and provides different views regarding various events. It also offers various video news items on your android device.

5.     MSNBC:

This is most important and popular news app which has been given the name of computer giant by Microsoft. This app provides a great news content and in great quantity using latest multimedia technology. You can also search for various news articles and can also enjoy buffering videos regarding news with this amazing app.

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