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If you are fond of Music-related stuff, you must deploy this precious application for sure. You can discover new music from latest tracks easily if you have deployed successfully this application. You just need to put up some effort and you are done. Time is the only precious thing ever that uses mostly lack and they come across a bit of it. TuneWiki knows all that stuff and information and keeps tracks of all proper relevant records. TuneWiki is a latest revolution in IT market of Android and it’s a music revolution actually. You can find relevant programs and music plainly and clearly. It is a fully featured music player, which lets users to entertain themselves by listening latest tracks on their personal SD cards as well as online web. The best and most clever feature of TuneWiki is that it discovers music automatically. Users can browse and search any chart as per their region and in fact it provides users with most popular songs by using GPS. If some song appeals you the most, you can search it easily. You can even add a muse which means that you can use all of songs as a test bed and if you like them, you can successfully deploy them as per your needs. If you are regular music listener, you must find this application more beneficial for you.

Viewdle SocialCamera

Viddle Social Camera
Viddle Social Camera

A term known as Facial recognition has gained a lot of attention to mobile users in IT market. It has affected both Android and Apple users simultaneously and perfectly as far as photo editing is concerned. It is genuine application and is fully real-time technology which saves time, effort, and cost. Basically, Viewdle is an organization which has awesome specialty in such things and concepts. Posts, comments, ideas, updates, and records of Viewdle have made lot of people confused and point users towards social networks like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. They all are based entirely on facial recognitions. Viewdle SocialCamera s an awesome software and needs access to your personal applications by taking photos related stuff. After taking photos, you can also add tags, captions. And lot more. You can click at faces of people showing in photos and add proper comments too. Right after doing that, you can have lot of suggestions and details regarding images you upload. You can also add captions, tags, comments etc. This awesome application also provides you with lot of stuff like information, details, and suggestions. You can also upload albums to your facebook or other social networks as per your choices. To sum up, I shall add that Viewdle offers best Android camera’s application for its users with infinite features and users rank it more highly than other relevant applications.

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