How Would You Rank HeyZap and SPB Shell 3D of Android

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Social applications like facebook, orkut, twitter etc have influenced users too much and approx million of users interact among themselves using these networks. I must add that these social networking applications have caused a great flood to IT market for sure. Now, it’s much acceptable that these networks are being out of control too much now days and they have influenced our lives too much. Many of us get addicted to them a lot and I must say that lot of people can’t sustain themselves without them. HeyZap is an awesome Android application which is known as FourSquare of Android gaming. What HeyZap does it that it connects to your Facebook account successfully and then searches other friends and mates in a circle of you. You can create your personal account without having Facebook connection and you can even log in if you exist already. HeyZap successfully writes down when you play games, your activities, information you pass, your friends’ status, gaming seasons, sessions, and your all gaming sections. It’s simply a best application especially for seasoned gamers and provides users with best gaming opportunities and results. Social gaming has gained lot of popularity now days because it lets users play infinite games and also provides them with features of live chats and discussions. It’s reliable and easy to understand application.

SPB Shell 3D

SPB Shell 3D

Home screen best replacement applications have provided a biggest revolution in IT market especially in Android and best of them primarily include Launcher Pro and ADW Launcher. These two above mentioned applications provide users with best looking and maximum customizable alternates to default screens. Usage of mobile devices have become much common nowadays and developers have starting to think more regarding such cool features that users may deploy often but with less effort. So, they have started developing more launchers for best customizations of home screens.  One of these launchers is SPB Shell 3D which has been developed in such a way that it tries to replace standard home screens’ softwares by providing shortcuts, layouts, and much more. The word 3D means that it works and offers all three dimensions i.e. x,y, and z coordinates with full views. The best feature of this application is that it has wide use of phone’s 3D power which may prove as a best factor in accurate selling of your personal device. You can switch between screens successfully and it lets you view 3D transitions and you can also view all screens simultaneously in one go. It provides you with a best cylindrical menu also. Screens are allocated various titles depending on shortcuts being placed on them. But by default, SPB Shell 3D lets you have categories like Communication, Travel, and Home.


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