Pedometer Apps

Count Those Steps with Your Android Phone

Have you ever counted your own steps that you take? Steps taking refer to burning calories. You can easily and effortlessly do it if you have Android and you can deploy relevant applications into it. Let us have a look at few of these.

Extra Pedometer

I must say that it’s a fantastic application to use. This is all because it counts your each and every step you take. All places you visit from one to all, it is going to capture each of them with their steps. It’s really an amazing application to use and deploy in your Android devices.

Pedometer Apps
Pedometer Apps

Steps Pedometer

It is a paid application which not only counts your steps while walking but also during jogging, running, and playing. It is one of the best applications being developed for Android devices. It costs $4 for its paid versions.

Moveo Pedometer

Another awesome application which keeps record of all steps being taken by you during whole day and durations is Moveo. It provides you with complete database and statistics and is simply fantastic. Moreover, you can view your steps of any date you wish.

Pedometer by Levente Bagi

It is a totally free application which provides steps taken by you along with calories burnt. It is simply tremendous and is highly ranked by users. Levente Bagi is superior to all relevant applications being developed by Android developers. It performs a complete check o all activities being held by you and provides a detailed list to Android users. Users must deploy this amazing application in their personal Android devices for awesome results.

Time Walker

How long you perform any activity is being kept in detailed record by a splendid application known as Time Walker. Time walker is designed by designers in so tremendous way that users fall in love with it. It not only provides a complete set of timings for steps but also provides lot of other relevant information i.e., days, weeks, seconds, hours etc. I would recommend you to deploy this application in your personal Android device if you really are at some sort of event i.e. exercise or racing etc.

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