Seesmic App for Android Phone

Best Free Thrilling Apps of Android

Lots of applications came into mobile market in older versions or operating systems but I dint remember any of them which must have released more than billion applications free of cost or paid. Yes! This is for sure true about Android which amuses users with billions of free applications and each with different category and features. I am here to tell you about some of highly ranked and used android’s top free apps with brief description against each. Let us start our discussion now.


Seesmic App for Android Phone
Seesmic App for Android Phone

Lots of social networks have now joined IT market and they force users to sign p there but twitter among all those networks have gained intense fame and popularity. Twitter lets users share their views and updates through its platforms i.e. Twidroid or seesmic. Seesmic is one of the most popular applications of Android because it lets users communicate among one another with extreme ease and comfort. They can tweet, re-tweet, message, talk, direct message, and do lot more functions with no distortion.

Facebook for Android

Among millions of social networks, Facebook is one of those renowned networks which is highly ranked and used. Before 2 or 3 days, I was researching on page ranks; I noticed that Facebook is being used more than Google. This was because Google had page rank of 8 and Google had page rank of 7. This really amazed me. Same was the case with Alexa that Facebook had less Alexa than Google. Any ways, when we talk about Android, applications of Android are not properly defined without Facebook because use of Facebook has become prime need for people now.

ASTRO File Manager

ASTRO manager is exactly similar to control panel or file manager. This is because it not only manages files but also provides good looks to your personal Android devices. It aligns your data properly and exactly works like defragmenter which sorts all files properly according to sizes and figures.

Job Centre Plus

You want to apply for some job(s) lying on bed from your home? Yes! You can do that. Just go to market, purchase a latest Android device and then deploy Job center application into it. This would for sure be helping you to find UK jobs/vacancies relevant to your field. You need to sign up and create profile there once and this will be updated later on.


It’s somewhat like an online store which lets users purchase stuff like guides, books, or relevant material. Layar is top most application of Android and is highly ranked among mobile users.


Android have advanced too much in technology and mobile users prefer Android devices more than other operating systems. This is because Android provides infinite applications to mobile users and android’s top free apps prove this fact.

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