Delicious Gaming Apps for Android Devices

Mobile Gaming has been too much popular for past few years. Reason behind this is that users love playing games on their devices anywhere they wish. Mobile games are being preferred more than other platforms because of reliability and proficiency. In addition to this, users handle them with ease and less effort. They don’t worry about carrying their mobile sets. With advancement of technology, expert mobile manufacturers, designers, and developers have now thought to entertain their customers in more easy and perfect way. For this purpose, they introduced Android devices in mobile market which have now covered almost half of IT market. Their technical features have attracted users towards them and all of them literally fall in love with them after their usage.I won’t be providing you with all detailed features of Android phones but Android games would for sure be my topic of discussion in coming content of next few paragraphs.

Delicious Gaming Apps for Android Devices
Delicious Gaming Apps for Android Devices

1.      Burn the Rope

Have you ever listen about the Burn the Rope? This is splendid game because I had played it too much. I assure you that if you play it once, you would get addicted to it for sure. It detects your device’s motions and lets you play game accordingly. Few starting levels are free but you need to pay for more game features and levels.

2.      Drop

Let us discuss more about gaming in Android and I think if I don’t mention Drop then it won’t be fair. Having no discussion regarding drop would be exactly same as eating sandwich without bread. As far as interface and game modes are concerned, it is extremely easy to use and understand. Anyone can play it easily with extreme amusement. We are being provided with a ball on device’s screen and we must manage it in such a way that it shouldn’t touch the top of screen or bar.

3.      Paper Toss

Have you ever tossed a coin? What you get? Heads or tails for sure, right? Somewhat similar sort of tossing is being done here too in Paper Toss where player has to toss a paper in front of fan’s air. He/she needs to take care of fan because it would destroy his/her attention and paper’s direction as well.

4.      Need for Speed Shift

Playing car racing games has become too much popular and famous among mobile users especially kids. Mentioning Need for Speed Shift under topic of car racing is must and primary because NFS is awesome in its interface and graphics. Users realize themselves to be in real world while playing.

5.      Geared

Last but not the least; Geared is a tremendous game being ever developed by mobile owners and brands so that they can enjoy the most. This game lets users to play with various gearing schemes.

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