Top 5 Free Android Apps for SMS Messaging

We all are familiar with the fact that the basic thing which mostly mobile customers need is the best and efficient SMS facility in their mobile phones. It doesn’t matter that what kind of hand set they are using rather that is android phone or simple cell phone mostly people need best SMS service as this is a cost effective way of communication among the users. Mostly users who are students they mostly go for the handsets which are efficient in messaging because they can’t afford calls every time. They mostly try to accomplish their tasks on short messages. So by keeping in mind this thing android has introduced some of the best SMS apps in the market with the help of which users will feel comfortable in SMS services & do free texting online.

Free Android Apps for SMS Messaging
Free Android Apps for SMS Messaging

Android SMS Free apps

This is the very famous app. This app is basically a messenger with the help of which we can easily communicate with the other users of this software easily via our android phone. Along with messaging it also facilitate users to send pictures and videos to other users connected with this app.
Google Voice
This app facilitates you to enjoy communications in an easy and effective way. In this app users are being assigned with the personal phone number with the help of which they can make calls and sent messages to other users online. This app also facilitates the users to enjoy voice mails.
This app is very much famous because it allow users to send various messages simultaneously at a time and with this app you can send free texts to any number and recipients who are using this app can easily reply to that text otherwise they will reply to the short code available at the end of your message.
This is an amazing texting app with the help of which you can add pictures, thumbnails and various time stamps along with your texts and this app displays your all messages in a beautiful sequence. With this app you also set various ring tones for various contacts and can also avail the facility to blacklist various unwanted contacts.
This app displays the messages in a beautiful style in which mostly users want to see their messages and in an amazing sequence. There are different font styles available to display the messages in beautiful fonts and in different languages. This app also allows various other beautiful and customizable features along with different beautiful ringtones.

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