Flashing Recovery in Terminal Emulator – Steps

‘IDaZzLeFatHoeZz’, a member at xda forums has posted the clean and simple instructions to flash recovery from the terminal emulator. You can try these steps for your device but please make sure that all the steps are to be followed at your complete risk. We would not be responsible for any type of damage that happens to your device.

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It is mandatory to have S-Off.

Tutorial Guide to follow
1. If you are having CyanogenMod 7 or CyanogenMod6 then consider skipping some of these initial steps and straight away start from Step7.

2. Download Slide Eng Package zip file.

3. Extract the above zip file and you will notice a flash_image file and an mtd0 image file in it.

4. If you don’t have Root Explorer then grab it from Android Market. You can use any file manager. The only condition is that it should give you root-access.

5. Copy flash_image and mtd0.image file and paste them into the data/local/.

6. You should have app ‘Terminal Emulator’. If you are not having this app then download this app from Android Market.

7. Place the recovery image to your SD card root. The recovery image can be placed anywhere but we advice you to place it on SD card root.

8. Open the Terminal-Emulator and enter commands as shown below:
flash_image recovery /sdcard/xxxx/xxx.img

The x’s in above command are representing the file directory and image name. So, it would be something like as shown below:
flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img

9. You will see that the program is writing to something block xxxxx.

10. Wait till it completes.

11. Once it is complete, you will see that it is completed successfully.


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