How to check version of Android apk on computer

If you own an Android smart phone and frequently upload the apks on it through your computer then you should have the application that I am going to describe here today.

The app by the name LocalApk checks the version of the apks that are stored on your pc’s hard drive. It sees that whether the apk is of latest version or not.

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Actually, the application checks Android Market for the apk file and compares both the versions (from that is on the Market to that is on the system). The program is simple to use and useful especially for the persons who do not have Android Market installed on their phones.

The program also proves useful for the peoples who want to maintain the collection and store of app files.

In order to use this program on your pc, it is mandatory to have DotNet 4.0 Framework installed on your system.

Please note that this works only for Windows.

You can see the example code commands below:

– adb install [longfilename]
–[appname] [latestversion]

The current edition of the application has many advanced features and some of them are listed below:
• Sorting for Columns

• Mass Renaming

• Removing in bulk

• For the registered users, there is Shell functionality

• Multiple Selection

• Refreshing of Graphical User Interface

• Support for Multi-Core

• Initially, there was need of Java Runtime. But the current edition eliminates the need of any JRE.

• Directory grouping of the results.

• Initially the LocalApk used to flicker during loading of data. It used to lock the apk file and did not release it after the processing. But now this bug is been fixed.

• Button for ‘Open Market Page’.

• Search Provider feature.

The developer is xda’s breeze.

Download Android Versioning Checker LocalApk for Windows x86bit and x64 bit from xda.

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