Fun Android apps for Kids

Kids usually take pleasure in activities that are full of colors and entertaining. Those games which keep them happy, fresh and active are heir choice. But now the children have less interest in either the fun video games or outdoor games. They love to play with mobile phones and find themselves pleased with tablets and other android devices. They interact with these devices right from playing games, watching their favorite movies, approaching internet and even making a call, which is off course astonishing too.

This intention is not aberrant at all because they learn from their surroundings where they find everybody sticking to their mobile phones. In fact kids shouldn’t be discouraged to use the apps rather it should be our effort to familiarize them with these devices in a positive and healthy learning environment.

You can spend good time with your kids by playing these wonderful and useful applications. It can be conveniently accessed over all android devices.

1. Kids ABC Phonics

Kids ABC PhonicsMaking kids learn alphabets with force, is never a good approach .But Kids ABC Phonics provides you with the facility to make your kids find out alphabet learning amusing and fast. The best possible way to make them learn and catch over the letters easily is the smart graphical interface used in this app so that they aren’t bored at all. It assists kids to easily map letters with the displayed pictures and select an option of their choice.

2. Kids Zoo Animal Sounds & Photos

It’s always interesting to make kids learn about animals since they are inspired by their shape, different sounds and various colors. With the help of Kids Zoo Animal Sounds & Photos kids can enjoy watching pictures about animals and insects as they have seen them in real life or heard about in stories. One good feature is the pronunciation option available within this app which can assist them to map the graphical pictures with real animal photos. They can eventually gain knowledge regarding animal names and their interesting sounds. Apart from this selection about insects, reptiles, sea animals etc makes this app useful. Moreover, kids can save the picture of their favorite animal as a separate list.

3. Kids Paint Free

This application contains an interface that is full of innovation. It’s constructive for those kids who are keen of drawing. The kids can decorate the pictures that are either captured live or already saved in the device .In short they have the best platform to liven up their drawings with the help of this app. The display of different color scheme, shapes and tools really makes this app attractive for the users.

4. Talking Tom

Talking tom is in fact a cat which actually speaks for you but in much enjoyable way. The app replicates the whole thing you speak but in an amusing cat-like style. It is one of the most famous apps among kids. You can have great time with this app since it entertains you to the maximum level.

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