6 Important Features to Add to Every Mobile App

Every mobile app has its own specific purpose and mission. Every app developer today knows that creating something unique and different is essential to help their app get noticed among the rest on the market, and though this is true, it is not always ideal to be completely different from the group.

Even though people want different and specific apps, they still also want to have those apps complete all of the same functions that they use on all of their other apps. It is essential that mobile development companies know what changes need to be made this year. Here are six important features to add to every mobile app.

No glitches or freezing
An app that is constantly freezing or malfunctioning in any way is not something that any user will tolerate today. Every mobile application developer needs to work to fix whatever little faults their app has to keep people in the app and make sure that everyone wants to use it again and again.


Social media integration
Social media is connected to almost everything people to today. Everyone wants to be able to share what they are doing throughout the day, including what they do on their mobile apps. It is essential that every app incorporate this function not only to please the user, but also to get free adverting for the app on social media. This is also usually a simple addition for developers to make.

In addition to making mobile apps more specific and specialized for a certain use, users are also looking for apps that allow them to tailor their experience to fit their exact needs. It is important for every mobile application to have the ability to change and adapt to what the users want, even if that just means changing the color of the icons on the screen.

Loyalty schemes for in-app purchases
In-app purchases are still continuing to grow for every mobile app. Even though users are still willing and happy to make these purchases, they want to know that buying these things through the app will be beneficial for them on a monetary level. Giving rewards points for loyal customers in in-app purchases is a great way to do this.

Cloud data storage options
Saving all the customization and changes that people make on an app can take up a lot of space on their mobile device. This is an issue that no user would want to run into. Luckily, adding a cloud storage element to any application is simple for developers. This small change can mean users can stay in the app for longer periods of time without losing any of their information.

Push triggers
In addition to typical push notifications, push triggers are more specific to what the user is looking for. App developers can add in push triggers that will pop up whenever changes are made within the app. This is a great way for users to see the full potential of the app.

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