Best Rated Android VoIP Apps

VoIP provides charge free calls to other users. This software is very much helpful for the users who used to call their friends and family members on longer distances and for longer durations. For this purpose there is no need to spend large amount of money for calling purposes you can easily enjoy high quality calls and for longer durations with this just simple VoIP software. Skype is also VoIP software which is also very much beneficial to save money on calls of longer durations. Now here are some Android  related to VoIP software with the help of which users can enjoy a great number of calls and almost at free of cost through their android phones.

voip android apps
Top Android VOIP Apps

Voxofon Call Abroad

This app is very much beneficial for the users who wants to call their overseas relatives at cheaper rates. This feature makes this app as good as skype. When the app is launched the call is routed to the local service provider for this routing you have to pay some extra amount to your service provider. They provide calls at lower call rates.

Google Voice

This app allows the users to easily call on their home, office or cell numbers. With the help of this app users can not only transcribe the emails and voice mails they can also make cheaper international calls at a very low price. Calls to Afghanistan can be made at a cost of only $0.029 per minute and those to Argentina can be made at a cost of only $0.03 per minute. Along with that you can also block the calls if you feel the need to do so.

Sipdroid Voip+Video Calling

This app cannot only be used to enjoy calls on various expensive networks but can also be used for video calling as well. This app is free to install and it is free to use. It might be possible that you have to pay some for special SIP services.

Skype Mobile

Skype software allows the users to call each other at free of cost. For this they must have the Skype software at both the phones along with the 3G and Wi-Fi networks. If you are calling some person who is not having the Skype software you will be charged for that call because you are not making that call from Skype to Skype you are making that call from your Skype to the cell number of the other user.


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