Ten Most Popular Android Apps

That’s a common concept that everyone has his/her own mind, thinking, and choice. Simply, if I love something it doesn’t mean that others love it too. In same fashion, if I hate something, I can’t make everyone hate to it. So, if we call something strange we always mean that it will surely give you unexpected sudden results i.e. varied outputs, ridiculous terms, astonishing rankings, or maybe sometimes disabled/hidden features or capabilities.I shall name and discuss very few of them.

1-     Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt Android App

We know that witches are everywhere around us. In my opinion, all of them really deserve and they can be anyone like a stranger, a coworker, any of your friends or some of your family member. This cool androidapplication unveils the witches that are all around you. For using them, follow the steps below.

  • ·        Take a picture of a group of people.
  • ·        Wait for the Witch Hunt application and trace the witches.
  • ·        The Witch Hunt app will ID all the witches by lighting them on fire.
  • ·        Click anywhere on your home screen to see your photo.

2-     Pimple Popper

It lets you play with pimples and offers features like squeeze, pinch, tweak, and press.

3-     Jacksonisms

It’s an awesome android application which lets you share quotes. These all quotes basically originate from great Michael Jackson. It’s the most popular among users and fans. Users can share quotes among one another through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and many more. They can even SMS them to their friends.

4-     Don’t Push

There are some people who love to do against they are ordered or advised. So, if you instruct someone to do some task and he/she does it in opposite way, you should never worry about. This is all because Don’t Push application is going to do this for you for sure

5-     Death Talk

This application is going to make you scared by telling you about death-related stuff including stories, hell pictures, quotes, and many more. This also tells you death time and talks everything related to death.

6-     Fake Me Out Of Here

This cool application has sensors which provide various types of sounds as per your needs. If you are talk to your own self, you can shake your phone and enjoy various sounds and tones.

7-     Mosquito Killer

This application is fantastic and must-have. It emits harmful radiations for mosquitoes and you can easily get rid of them.

8-     iBeer

It allows you to have features related to drinks and beers. You can have lot of entertainment and this is simple awesome.

9-     Strange Deaths

This tells you about historical deaths of famous and most popular people. It’s not necessary that people are popular but those with less fame but popular deaths are being discussed by this cool application.

10- Itsnice News

Features of this cool android application are like very interesting, funny and weird news stories, and reports on a wide range of topics. You can share these news with your friends through SMS, Facebook, and all other social networks.

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