Reviews of Three Android Apps

Ringdroid Review

This is an awesome application being used by Android users especially for the purpose of tones creation, alarms creation, and providing notifications using lot of formats and files like MP3, WAV, AAC/MP4, and 3GPP/AMR etc. These files may be stored into your personal phone or you may download them from applications store. Other applications of Android use Menu keys for proper saving and storing of software functions. This application also lets you customize starting and ending points by using sliding arrows. You can also use press Start and End to record the point, or you can type also.


Application also lets you to make use of Zoom buttons. This awesome application is vastly equipped with a Record button on its interface which always provides users with an opportunity to lay down their own sounds from scratch. Users can create their own tones and Menu button is highly customizable of this awesome application. Few features may include opening an existing audio file, viewing a scrollable representation of the audio file, 5 zoom levels, adjusting starting and ending points for a clip, using optional interfaces, playing the chosen part of the audio, including an indicator cursor and auto-scrolling of the waveform and lot others. To sum up, I shall add that Ringdroid is a cool application as far as audio files are concerned and users rank it highly.

Last.fm App for Google Android

Android recently announced an awesome application known as Last.fm application which was launched last year. It is actually a radio application which provides personalized streaming radio, radio stations, and, most importantly, tracking the music you love. One more feature is “Background Playback,” which enables users to stream music from Last.fm while accessing other applications. Other Apple devices are not capable to perform such sort of jobs. Remember that this application is a fully featured application that is fully open source. You can successfully manage all of your favorite stations, view your friends’ profiles, and have a quick-look at coming events. There is one more unique feature known as background streaming. Background streaming can continue keep listening while you do browsing, purchase songs, or check out maps for an interesting events. You can also scroll through a list of songs and music and it’s easy to use and understand. This is simply an awesome and unique application of Android being developed by developers for ease of users. It’s unique to Android feature and provides Android users with best of streaming especially background streaming. To sum up, I shall add that Last.fm can be easily downloaded from any website you want and is easily manageable. Its unique user interface makes Android users more close and stick to audio music stuff.

The Weather Channel Review

The Weather Channel is simply a best application being developed and designed for Android. Its features may include voice search, type-ahead, best navigation, fully customizable weather maps, animated radar maps, detailed weather conditions, forecasts, severe weather alerts, and a notification bar with the current weather reports and statistics. It allows users to get weather forecasts by voice recognition and speech. She/he may speak anything like address, city, ZIP code or well-known landmark. It provide Android users with one-click access to saved, and present locations and conditions, daily forecasts, weekly forecasts, hourly forecasts, alerts, reports, maps, videos, and settings. It provides a best feature known as “find me” feature which lets users to get weather forecasts for their chosen location or they can perform advanced or normal search by mentioning city, ZIP code, street address, or any possible landmark. It also includes fully interactive customizable maps and works exactly like Google Maps. Users can even display layers such as radar, clouds, UV index, rainfall and more. Users are updated by time to time and all of them remain updated in this respect always. They may even turn notifications on or off as per their needs and it always depends on users and their needs. Last but not the least; I shall add that Weather application is simply cool and awesome if you are a businessman or some professional.

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