Android Photography Apps

Top Free Android Apps for Photographers

Photography is an art and person who used to deal with this art is known as photographer. This art is not an easy as it seems. It needs much creativity and in order to excel in this art a person must be intelligent and creative as well. In older days the older cameras were very difficult in operation and needs many skills to operate them. Now a day’s digital cameras along with digital software have made the life of a camera man much easier. They can make images beautiful as much as they can. They can edit, set beautiful backgrounds change shapes etc with various software. Now android has developed various applications for photographers with the help of which they can make images with the cameras of their android phones and can beautify them as much as they can.

Android Photography Apps
Android Photography Apps


This is an award winner photo editor android app. With the help of this app you can edit colors in your pictures, can add various beautiful balloons and graphics to beautify your image.

CamCalc Free

This app works as calculator tool for camera men that can be used for focal length calculation, depth of field, field view, color adjustment, sunrise sunset estimations and many other features which are important for an image.


This app works as a smart phone tool for photographers which cannot be used for your android phone camera but can be used for higher category cameras like SLRs. This app can only be used by photographers which know about all the techniques of photography and about the manual settings of cameras.

Camera Magic

This is an amazing app with the help of which photographers can use various beautiful features and can make their camera faster in operation. They can set their cameras on higher resolution modes. They can proper upscale their images with digital zoom. Flash off and on facility available in the app. You can also set timer to take the snap. This app is also supported with high zoom as well. Mobile

This app works as a photo editor app for your android smart phone. With the help of this app you can edit, crop, blur and add various effects in photos on a single click. You can also upload or share your photos with free account of this app. This app need an SD card in your smart phone.


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