Root Viewsonic Viewpad 7 with SuperOneClick

CLShortFuse, a developer at XDA Forums are able to root Viewpad 7 with SuperOneClick tool.
Viewpad 7 Tablet is an android device. Once Viewpad 7 is rooted using SuperOneClick, users has root access. With this they can install apps and do flash custom ROMS.

How to Root Viewpad 7 Tablet with SuperOneClick
1. Download SuperOneClick 1.6.5. If you are unable to download it, mail us and we will send you the zip file.
2. On Viewpad, Go to Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Development.
3. Enable USB Debugging.
4. Connect Viewpad 7 to your computer via USB.
5. Launch SuperOneClick tool and select the “rageagainstthecage” button. 5. Click on “Root“.
6. Wait till the process completes.
NOTE: If nothing happens for more than a minute and it shows that ‘Running rageagainstthecage…‘, then you disconnect your device and reconnect it again.
7. SuperOneClick will display the message ‘***IF IT KEEPS LOOPING, TRY DISABLING USB DEBUGGING NOW***‘. Ignore it.
8. This message would be followed by an ADB reset, waiting for device message, and finally a successful rooting message.
9. Congrats, now you should have successfully rooted the Viewsonic Viewpad 7.

CLShortFuse has thanked for his step-by-step video guide on rooting Android Phone with SuperOneClick Method.



  1. Worked on my vpad7 – I ended up using my VMWare Win 7 64 bit and using the above software (I currently run mint9).

    The problems I had were it hanging for what seemed like forever on ‘waiting for device.’ I ended up resolving this by simply ensuring that Debug mode was enabled, then reseating the USB cable once – if t did nothing, did it again. The app suddenly kicked off and started progressing as the walkthrough described.
    It seemed to hang again at another point in the process, but I simply reseated once again to resolve.
    I donated to the original author of the SuperOneClick (www[dot]shortfuse[dot]org/)

    • @Steve: Glad the tutorial helped you 🙂

      • Atul I went to the link and downloaded the software available. They had versions 1.9.1 and 1.7 tried both versions with both options and neither would go past waiting for device. I reset the USB cable multiple times as well as the viewpad. An y suggestions?

        • @Gerald : Could you please tell if you have followed the text and video instructions. Just to know if u enabled USB debugging?

          • Yes i followed the Write up posted and the video. Place the viewpad in debug mode USB transfer not enabled. I also found a site that had the 1.6.5 version of the software and still no joy. I have tried this with 2 different USB cables and on 3 different computers all running windows 7. Each time it gets up to the “waiting for device” so i try unplugging the USB cable and reconnecting as recommended but the superoneclick just freezes up and says “not responding” in the title bar each time on all 3 computers.

          • Yes I have followed the text and the Video. Device in debug mode SD card not mounted to the PC. I have tried with 2 different USB cables and on 3 computers. Each time it freezes at “waiting for device” and displays not responding in the menu bar. All 3 computers are running windows 7.

        • Remove your SD card

  2. I got the same rusults Gerald got using Ver 1.9.1 of SuperOneClick. When I found a copy ver 1.6.5, my virus software said it had a virus. The Ver 1.9.1 was clean of viruses, but did not work with the idential results Gerald got. Yes, I enabled USB debugging and followed the instructions. Any other suggestions.

  3. for that issue you have to run setup.exe from cd-rom remvaeable connect to your computer ( just run sync app and make sure the sttaus is “read” and then run this root process .. ) 😉 have fun

  4. I rooted mine with Gingerbreak. Yes, I know it’s a Froyo device, but Gingerbreak did the job direct on the device. Easy and painless. Just install and run Gingerbreak, then reboot. It’s been a few weeks now, no problems.

    Once it’s rooted, use Link2SD to free up internal memory and turn this hopelessly cramped device into a very usable little tablet. Close to 200 apps installed and no more low memory warnings. The other must have app is Titanium backup.

  5. I have been trying a lot and i can not root my Froyo viewsonic viewpad7 with this method or any other i found. The best I got was a few first steps then superoneclick stop for long time. Now it does not recognises the pad at all.

  6. Brian Kimtai

    please send me the superone click zip file. i am unable to download

  7. I am unable to download SuperOneClick 1.6.5.
    please send me zip file at

  8. I am unable to download SuperOneClick 1.6.5.
    please send me zip file.

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