Root Viewsonic Viewpad 7 with SuperOneClick

CLShortFuse, a developer at XDA Forums are able to root Viewpad 7 with SuperOneClick tool.
Viewpad 7 Tablet is an android device. Once Viewpad 7 is rooted using SuperOneClick, users has root access. With this they can install apps and do flash custom ROMS.

How to Root Viewpad 7 Tablet with SuperOneClick
1. Download SuperOneClick 1.6.5. If you are unable to download it, mail us and we will send you the zip file.
2. On Viewpad, Go to Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Development.
3. Enable USB Debugging.
4. Connect Viewpad 7 to your computer via USB.
5. Launch SuperOneClick tool and select the “rageagainstthecage” button. 5. Click on “Root“.
6. Wait till the process completes.
NOTE: If nothing happens for more than a minute and it shows that ‘Running rageagainstthecageā€¦‘, then you disconnect your device and reconnect it again.
7. SuperOneClick will display the message ‘***IF IT KEEPS LOOPING, TRY DISABLING USB DEBUGGING NOW***‘. Ignore it.
8. This message would be followed by an ADB reset, waiting for device message, and finally a successful rooting message.
9. Congrats, now you should have successfully rooted the Viewsonic Viewpad 7.

CLShortFuse has thanked for his step-by-step video guide on rooting Android Phone with SuperOneClick Method.



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