Stream Videos and Pictures to Android and iPhone phones from QNAP NAS

QNAP is a leading manufacturer of Network Attached Storage servers (NAS).
QNAP is now entering into media players for Android and iPhone devices. It announced its product, QMobile. With this announcement, QMobile becomes the world’s first All-in-one media player solution for Android phones.

Users can access music, photos and videos from their NAS QNAP systems.

How to install QMobile on Android / iPhone devices:
1. On Android devices, search QMobile from Market and on iPhones, from App Store.
2. Install it. After installation, it will appear on your phones.
3. Configure NAS settings as per below method:

How to configure NAS settings
1. On iPhone devices,
On NAS, go to Network Services –> Network Service Discovery –> Bonjour.
Check QMobile for iPhone/iPod Touch.
Configure NAS iPhone
2. On Android devices,
On NAS, go to ‘Network Services‘ –> Network Service Discovery‘ –> ‘UPnP Discovery Service‘.
Check ‘Enable UPnP Service‘.
Configure NAS on Android
3. Launch QMobile App
4. Add QNAP NAS. This can be done either by ‘Add Server Manually‘ or ‘Automatic Discovery‘.
5. QNAP will find all the NAS servers. Select NAS and enter the Host/IP, User Name and Password, as shown in image below.
NAS Q Mobile

How to manage Media center on NAS using QMobile
1. Go to Media Center.
2. Go to Qmultimedia/Multimedia.
3. Now, you can play music, upload photos etc. from here.

QNAP is also offering live demo for this
Credentials are:
Username: qnap
Password: qnap

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