Top 10 Android Apps 2012

Top 10 Android Apps 2012

If you are having an android phone but don’t know about the android apps than your phone is having no worth for you. Android phones are worthy for those people who want to take advantages from its amazing apps on the daily basis like playing games, for data storage and for many other unique and important tasks. Now the basic problem which normally android users face is the selection of best app for their android phone. Android solves this problem and has introduced best apps for them.

Top 10 Android Apps 2012
Top 10 Android Apps 2012

Paper Camera:

This is an amazing app in which by paying only a small amount of 2 Dollars users can enjoy number of unique features. It is the wish of every android user to take pictures from their phone camera but the filter apps for unoriginal camera becomes older after some time. So with this app when user points the camera which he wants to shoot this app automatically applies filter to the images chosen to be taken.

Speaktoit Assistant:

This is an amazing app and is available at free of cost in android market. With this app users can ask any type of question from the app and the app will automatically direct you to Google Searches or any type of search tool in your android phone.

Google Music:

Google music app is considered as the best android app which allows high uploading of data directly from your PC or MAC to your Cloud. This is an easy source to listen to music and at very minimum cost of 49 cents per song.

Speed Forge 3G:

This is the racing game app and has gained much fame due to beautiful graphics of vehicles and allows users to play games with various driving styles. Weapons are also available which provides a great fun while playing.

Bonsai Blast:

This is a puzzle game and is best for users who want to twist their minds while solving puzzles. This game is considered very much useful when there is nothing to do.

Any DO: To Do List:

This app is very much useful to memorize of important tasks of daily life. This app is useful for users who want to stay in touch of their important events and want to schedule their important tasks.

Fooducate Shopping Scanner:

This app is useful for users who want to keep themselves fit by taking balanced diets. This app contains nutritional information regarding multiple foods and with the help of which you can choose better ones for your health.


This app is amazing for social networking and allows user to share photos, listen to music, and tell your friends about what you doing at moment.

World of Goo:

This is physics based game and contains puzzles based on the laws of physics.


This app allows you to have your all your social networking sites on a single place. You will have no need to go open each site separately.

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