5 Learning Apps for the Trivia-Starved

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Whether you’re bored during a commute, a stressed out student looking for a break, or have a sudden desire feed your mind with (un)important facts, there’s always an app for that. No matter why you love trivia, there is no reason not to keep on learning as much as you can about some of the coolest facts of all time. Read on for 5 apps, all Android-developed, to get you through even your most mind-starved days:

1. Trivia Burst 

Trivia Burst is one of the most popular trivia apps for Android. It has over 40,000 questions in 24 categories and even allows players to win real prizes during play. There are over 500,000 players using the app today.

2. Who Becomes Rich

Built as a way to compete with friends, Who Becomes Rich, is modeled after some of the most popular television trivia game shows. Players can use lifelines and friends compete to get the highest score. Topics cover a huge array of areas, from sports, to geography, to politics, to general knowledge. Players can also add questions, thereby building on the game for everyone.

3. King of Trivia

King of Trivia is a popular Android quiz game that you can play on your own or with friends. With over 40 quizzes to play automatically and new quizzes added weekly, the game is a great way to battle with friends. Topics cover history, music, sports,  movies, celebrities, literature, people, science, religion, television and world.

4. Best Harry Potter Trivia

For all the Harry Potter and Andriod nuts out there, there’s an app just for you. Questions like “What potion does the Philosopher’s Stone make?” and “What is the date of Voldemort’s death?” will intrigue any Potter fan. The questions cover all characters and plenty of in-the-know facts.

5. Impossible Star Wars Trivia

With questions designed for the “best of the best,” this Android app is a definite must-try for any die-hard Star Wars fan. Test your knowledge on Princess Leia and Luke Sky Walker and send the questions to your friends.



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