Top Android Apps

Top 5 Android Apps of All Time

Everyone is aware of the fact that there are number of android apps in market but this wide range of apps in market creates much confusion among android users that which app proves to be the best for their android device. So the experts have solution of this problem. They have enlisted some latest apps which will make your android phone much useful as well as enjoyable in use for you. All android apps are best in their service no doubt but some apps are extra best in their working so with expert guidelines it has become much easy for android users to choose best apps for their device.

Top Android Apps
Top Android Apps


This social app is used to check what media you are currently using. With the help of this app you can share your feelings that what you want to do whether you want to listen music, watch movie, want to play games,  want to watch TV or want to do anything else you can share with this app. The best this about this app that you earned stickers for using this app instead of badges as in other apps. This app sends you stickers for free of cost via USPS. This app has directly connections with entertainment providers and provides weekly stickers for few shows and movies.

Google Translate:

There is no doubt in that Google is famous for producing useful and amazing apps so this translation app is one of the best Google app. With the help of this app users will not face any kind of difficulty regarding language in any country. For example a user has to impress some lady in French restaurant so with this app it would be no more difficult for him to impress her.

Titanium Backup:

This amazing app allows you to not only store the apps you have downloaded but you can also save the back ground data of that downloaded apps with this app. This means that you will never lose your data when transferring your device.


This app allows the company to collect all the data more efficiently and easily. This app proves to be the best for social interaction between you and your other friends who use this app.


This is a photo sharing app which is very new to android because initially it was not developed for iOS.  If you want to share with your friends that what you are doing at moment with the help of sharing of pictures then you must have this app in your android smart phone.


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