Android Apps for Linux Lovers

Best Android Apps for Linux Lovers

Android is gaining popularity day by day due to its beautiful and interesting apps in market. Smart phone users love to use android apps as these apps are amazing in their designs, development and graphics due to which all the smart phone users have been attracted to the android apps. Everyone is familiar about this fact that android apps have been designed on the top Linux kernel operating system so it has also developed many apps for users who used to love to use Linux operating system. These apps have been basically developed for Linux lovers and have gained much popularity in market.

Android Apps for Linux Lovers
Android Apps for Linux Lovers

Connect Bot:

This is an amazing android app. The basic purpose to develop this app was to provide connectivity or access to the remote machines. With the help of this app you can easily connect to the remote machines and can move files from the machine to your phone or from your phone to the machine. This means that you can move files back and forth to your phone. For Linux lovers this app proves to be the best because it provides an easy SSH access to the remote machines. The basic advantage of this app is that there are lots of shortcut keys available and is supported with many configurations.


This app is also considered as the best android app and users will not find this app easily in android app. This app basically works as the USB tethering app for your android smart phone. You can read the instructions to install this app in your android phone but you will not find this app in android market. This app will work also on Ubuntu operating system. The basic advantage of this app is that this app is having great functionality but this app is difficult to install.

Amarok2 Remote:

We all are familiar with the fact the iPhone users can easily control iTune on their desktop computers with the help of their iPhones. This is the most popular music player app on Linux which provides the same functionality but in a slight different way. The basic advantage of this app that with this app you can easily plug in to your computer. It works at extremely fast speed and is supported with the feature to rewind and forward the song or music.

Network Discovery:

As the name indicates this app works as a network discovery app for your smart phone. This app represents network maps on your phone and discovers and displays all the available computers on your network along with scanning of their open ports. This app is having very simple and straight forward design and easy to handle.

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