Video Streaming Android Apps

Top 5 Free Video Streaming Android Apps

Android phones are famous because of their beautiful features and working. These phones have been totally famous due to android apps which have enhances the beauty of android phones. Good streaming of video is one of the highly demand of android phone user because if there is no good streaming of video then the android phone seems incomplete. So android has developed some beautiful apps named as streaming android apps in the market. With the help of these apps android users can enjoy good streaming of videos on their smart phones without any kind of problem. These apps have been considered as the best apps among all android apps.

Video Streaming Android Apps
Video Streaming Android Apps

Giant Bomb Beta

This app has been purely developed for persons who used to play games very much. With this app they will be able to get video games reviews and much information about them. This app displays the complete database regarding games news, different reviews about them, commentary and videos.


The main issue which normally android users face is the less memory space in their smart phones. As this phone provides many features as compared to other phone so many android users try to download different beautiful apps to enhance its beauty which results in decreasing its phone memory. So with the help of this app users can easily upload their free videos with the help of its free account and the amazing thing is that these videos would not be stored in phone memory.


It has been declared that this app is one of the best video streaming app in android market with the help of which android users can enjoy fast streaming videos on their smart phone screens. This app is having the ability to support various formats of videos like MPEG, Flash, DivX, Xvid, WMV and iPod formats.

This beautiful app converts your beautiful android smart phone into your small personal TV and you can enjoy different TV programs directly on your smart phone through WiFi or cellular networks connectivity.

Mother TED

TED is the favorite thing of most users. So install this mother TED app in your android phone and watch latest TED videos based on various beautiful themes, talks and tags. There is also an important feature available in this app these days that you can easily listen to TED talks from your android phones at free of cost.

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