Top Five Android Dictionary Apps

A most common platform at which almost 90% of the world depends is Dictionary. Doesn’t it look strange that nobody can survive without it and everyone desires for it and seeks it for each and every small help? We define everything using dictionary but can we find a single person who can define dictionary itself? I don’t think so. We always look for proper words, verbs, vocabularies, tenses, tests, sentences, paraphrases, definitions, and much more stuff in dictionary. A standard dictionary may comprise of minimum 400,000 words of English language. It comes in many forms like English-English, English-Urdu, English-Arabic, and much more.  As far as deployment of this in pocket PC or cell phone is concerned, Androids provide the best platform for users for sure. Here I shall be discussing its proper deployment in Android devices as an application.

Primary, most used and unique application which always surprises Android users through its well-defined and awesome features is Through this fantastic platform, you can have a quick look at most of the words, definitions, reviews, synonyms, antonyms, meanings, opposites, tenses, sentences, histories, displays, and much more. It also provides Word of the Day and lot more stuff. You can also perform advanced search and voice search for your options and choices. Remember that, it’s totally free and costs nothing.

2. Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary
Urban Dictionary

If you are a teacher and you are unable to find proper meanings of hard or difficult terms, you must go through an awesome application of Android known as Urban Dictionary. This will let you find slang words with easy translations having database of approx millions of words.  Android developers have generated this database themselves and it provides users with key features like daily words, quotes, options, and much more. Users can also share their experiences with their mates and it’s totally free of cost.

3. Free Dictionary Org
One of the best and top most Android applications ever being used and ranked is Free Dictionary Org because it offers infinite features and material regarding grammatical stuff. Its best and valuable features may include completed and full proof definitions, meanings, opposites, and pronunciations for millions of sentences and words. This also provides users with an option of searching by which users can perform normal and advanced search by just typing desired word in textboxes. If user knows exact pronunciation or spellings regarding any word, he/she can search it effortlessly for sure. It’s free of cost and costs nothing to Android users.

4.Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus
The highly ranked and highly paid application Android is Oxford Dictionary just because it has its own style, fame, and repute. It also offers Thesaurus functionality with it additionally. Oxford application provides users with a package of almost 300,000 words and summarized definitions and more than 400,000 meanings and opposites. You can either download full version of application or you can pay for it too. It costs a bit affordable price to its users for sure.

5.The Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Out of infinite applications being offered by Android devices, one of the most common and most used applications is The Merriam-Webster Dictionary and it is the most comprehensive, impressive, and expensive of all dictionary-related applications. Though it is expensive yet it’s highly cost-effective. It offers users to view lots of entries directly from their home-screen of their personal Android device and lot of grammar-related stuff. Users can perform advanced search either by typing or by speaking through your own voice but remember that you first need to get your voice recognized properly and efficiently.

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