The Best Android Ringtone Apps

Whenever we talk about mobile devices, we always come across a very basic terminology known as Ringtone. Remember that ringtones not only include ringing of your phone for calls or SMS but they may also include alarms, reminders, events, occasions, and notes. They can be either musical or instrumental depending upon user who induces them.

Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers

The very first most common application of Android devices is Zedge Ringtones and Wallpapers. This provides users with best features regarding ringtones being embedded in all platforms like messaging, alarms, and much more.This unique application lets you share and download ringtones and wallpapers of your own choice by simply choosing download tab. It is comprised of infinite ringtones and wallpapers being stored in database.

Android Ringtone Apps
Android Ringtone Apps

Ringtone Maker Pro

Have you ever come across the word composing? If not then you should. This is because here I am going to tell you about Android’s application which will compose polyphonic, MIDI, and musical ringtones for you in very little time. Lots of formats like MP3, MIDI< M4A, and much more are being supported by this application of Android known as Ringtone Maker Pro. You just need to place a file in this application and then create or compose tone of your own choice. This costs you $0.99 only for paid versions.

Music Ringtone

Music is liked by almost everyone. 90% of mobile users are in extreme search and love of music and this is all because of fame, portability, and usage.  This fantastic applications searches for best music data and information on web and provides you with best results. It’s easy to use and understand and is extremely portable.


All of us are crazy for ringtones related stuff because they are always a source of amusement for mobile users. An application known as RingTone lets users have millions of ringtones in their pockets and all of them are coolest. Users can enjoy songs, search by sub-names, titles, alarming tones, and much more, they can even bookmark them as per their choices and also they can add them to their favorites.

Aru Ringtones

Aru Ringtones is the only application being designed for Android users which is comprised mainly of those tones’ stuff that users upload. Users need to register themselves first in order to have this functionality. You can perform advanced searches by name of song, tone, file, format, or you can also embed them with any of your loving contacts. This application is widely available in Android market.

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