Unusual Android Apps

If we look back into our early days we can see that we were only having the facilities to attend the calls, or send texts. Then the time arrived when the mobile users got the facility to use internet on their phones but they were not having the facility to send an email from their phone. For these purposes smart phones innovated to cope up with this difficulty of users. Now these days users can do everything they want from their android phones. Now here are some of the android apps with the help of which users can use their smart phones more efficiently and in a better way.

Key Ring

Key Ring Android App
Key Ring Android App

This is an amazing app which is developed to help the users to scan all their store cards and users can keep all their store cards on their phone. Users can access their store cards with the help of built in barcode reader. This app also works for the cards which are not supported with barcode reader but for those cards you have to enter the card number manually.

LCD Density Changer

This app gives the high resolution appearance on the screen by reducing the pixels density. There are many launchers available in market with the help of which you can increase the number of icons but they will need some amount of space. For this purpose this LCD density charger app fits to the need of android user but to enjoy this app your android phone must be rooted.


This is a very fit an amazing android app with the help of which you can access your pc from any where you are.  Just you need to install this app from the website and set a username and password and then you can control your pc from your phone. Sometimes there occurs a problem of slow connectivity so in that case there is an option with the help of which you can reduce your graphical quality in order to get good connectivity and an efficient scrolling on a small screen.

Radio Time

This app allows users to enjoy best live radio updates directly on their smart phones anywhere in the world. This app provides vast browsing and searching facilities and you can directly access the stations also if you know exactly about the stations.


This app is very much helpful for the users because it provides the facility to the users that they can do certain tasks at various times directly like they need to turn their Wi-Fi connectivity off on leaving home or reduce the volume while at work etc. They can just do various task on an easy access with this app.

Backup SMS MMS Photo to Gmail

This amazing android app allows users to keep track of your SMS MMS and photos as users cannot restore messages back on their phones but this app is an easy and secure way to keep track of all the messages records, photos etc and in this way users cannot lose their important data and messages.

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