Best Android Apps for Pianists

In early times, there was no concept of music. People would just play music with the help of very tiny and small tools which would entertain them. Later on, many new tools and equipments arose in market which became best source of entertainment for music lovers.  Instruments in old times were hammered dulcimers having tight strings in them. Lot of experts tried to create and manufacture lots of instruments but in vain. Right around 1900, a person named Mozart invented a fantastic and unique instrument named as PIANO. Invention of piano caused industrial, economical, and social changes in lives of listeners and music lovers. Piano is basically a musical invention which you can play effortlessly through keyboard. It’s used in musical arts, events, solo performances, and much more.  Here I shall discuss piano application especially for pianists being developed by Android developers by order of use and rankings.



XPiano is mostly -ranked Android application for pianists. As far as its features are concerned, it provides more than 12 sound effects and few sample songs for best use and performance. Lots of features and options are being deployed in this application. If we give a brief look at basic interface of XPiano, we notice that it is comprised of 4 octal-shaped octaves but it doesn’t mean you will have perfect and clear sound. Remember that quality and clarity of sound depends on nature, size, specifications, and life time of your device or hardware. It also lets you have proper recording of voice samples and costs nothing. So, if you are music lover, you must download and use XPiano.

My Piano

If someone asks you about which device you use for communication and you answer about Android, his/her very first question would be that do you have My Piano application installed on it?  This is because of extreme portability and impressive results of this awesome application. If you ever like something, you like it for some reason. There is always a reason for liking or disliking something. You may like something for its benefits or features and you may dislike it too for same reasons. Therefore, My Piano is of its own style with respect to features it offers because sound quality is blasting for this wonderful application. Unlike XPiano application, it offers 2 octaves for sound results and also an option of multi-touch is there.  You can also record your sound and many other features may include MIDI, WAV etc.

My Piano Assistant

Android is only device in IT market which offers minimum billions of applications and 70% of them are almost free. Users their-selves get confused about applications that which applications they should install and which not. Lots of piano applications are being developed for Android users but My Piano Assistant is best application ever being developed. It provides users with best results and options and lets them have review of all tools and equipments. It is extremely simple, portable, and easy to understand. Beginners must use it for purpose of better learning and I must say that it is perfect for beginners.

Little Piano

Lots of applications are there in IT market especially for kids. Kids, children, and even young teenagers are fond of musical instruments and stuff nowadays. Each individual application of Android is unique and is full of best features and properties. One of those awesome applications is Little Piano. It is basically comprised of a single octave and 13 keys and it is best suited for kids’ generation because they love playing with their fingers and sharp features of their delicate skins and bodies. It offers lots of melodious sounds, notes, rhymes, and much more functionalities and features. I must say that it is nice and beautiful application for kids.

Piano Instructor Lite

Whenever you experience something new, you always need to learn its proper running and functionality. So, same is here for Android and its infinite applications. Everyone loves to play piano but not everyone knows how to run application for smooth running of music or songs. This is done by marvelous Android application known as Piano Instructor Lite which is sincerely going to tell its users how to play sings or use piano-related stuff. It provides users with light-up keys, and no music page or lyrics. Just it needs loading of files of proper formats i.e. .kar, .mid etc and then users can play it easily and smoothly. It teaches users using more than 130 tools and equipments and is simply awesome and unique. Users fall in love with this awesome application whenever they come across it because it is the only piano application which not only offers piano-stuff but also tells you how to make proper use of that stuff for sure.

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