The upcoming android tablets

The upcoming android tablets

These days Windows 8 is loved by everyone. Let’s see some of the upcoming android tablets which will make your life beautiful. As everyone among us wishes to have the best tablet and enjoy its wonderful features. Tablets are infesting at our offices, universities in fact everywhere where we can imagine. Apple is not only the growing market in this regard. A large number of companies are making huge money in this sector so tablets are owned not by Apple alone. A large number of tablets varying in features are produced every day. If you are in a search of buying a new tablet, then you may find the following suggestions useful.

Dell Latitude 10

Many business to business markets are interested in adopting it since it adheres to bring strong consumer perception. It captures the market having a faith in good aesthetic sense .The functionality of Dell Latitude 10 is like a complete PC therefore it’s a good choice for Windows 8 lovers and dire heart fans. Mainly it contains a removable battery feature. You can also convert it into a desktop, it possesses a good memory range i.e. 2GB RAM. Even you can enhance its storage capacity up to 128 GB. This is these days under the trail version of famous companies like Dell, Microsoft and Intel.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9

The upcoming android tabletsAnother highly recommended device since it maintains a great majority of user focus. It is available at Amazon. This is fundamentally a window to hand out you a stable rivulet of content. . It scampers Android 4.0. The battery timings are good that’s why users are showing a good rating towards it. Another dominant feature is its greater storage capacity i.e. 32 GB.

iPad mini

Many of us have heard the rumors regarding mini iPad. Their persistence is important for greater sale. A lot of details are queued up by Apple to launch. Its news that we are expecting a smaller iPad from Apple whose screen is round about 8 inch so all the Apple fans have to wait for such a wonderful product to be in market. It’s expected that this product will do a large business if it’s cheaper in comparison to current Apple’s product.ope so users have something good to have soon.

Microsoft Surface

We all have been acknowledged about the imminent release of windows 8 for an elongated time ago. But Microsoft gave a spatter with the information that it will release its own tablets in the market. It’s currently announced that it will focus on two main features. One will be having windows RT with 32GB and other running over Windows 8 with greater and good battery timing. The later mentioned feature has storage capacity of 64GB.Both will contain a touch screen of 10.6 inch. Apart from this the tablet will have very creative Touch Protective Cover too, which will act as a shield for its protection. The main question will is what will be the price of this amazing tablet.

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