Why people are crazy for android

Why people are crazy for android

More than half of the population is really mad and crazy for android devices. They love to talk about these devices and listen about upcoming and new stuff in order to keep themselves updated but the question is why people really want to listen about android? The answer is pretty simple, android is doing wonders. It is at least doing something that other devices are not giving to their customers. In fat it is full filling the need of   customer satisfaction. They really haven’t to bother much about the ins and outs for their devices, because these responsibilities are handled by android very well and much smartly.

Applications and software are the real life for consumers at any platform. Even the finest operating system won’t increase grip if doesn’t meet users requirements. Otherwise the people will forget about these apps and they get out dated soon.

Why people are crazy for androidSince android supports latest hardware that can be termed as “modern” and “mature”. It is tough and the same time challenging that the new operating system competes well and it is adhered by the people .In order to meet their satisfaction, compatible device software is needed. the newly introduced operating system has to settle its market that is already matured and many of the applications run over it.

It seems to be that windows mobiles are now mined out and they are considered as backward compatibility devices. They cannot refit their operating system without letting all the developed applications that already have been described for all the previous versions of windows mobiles either they are pocket or palm size PC or CE Windows. The Microsoft was equipped so strongly to the enterprise instead of its users from the threat of depressing their major market and loyal consumers. These consumers really matter for Microsoft because they play a vital role in bringing out radial changes and radical changes to the technology platform. And it will be embarrassing for them to sit quietly in the market and observe their competitors grow and shine. This competition in turn produces an urge for the companies to develop modern operating systems like android in order to give technology a new healthy direction.

As far as android development is concerned, they had a strong vision and aim over which they are targeting and continuing their efforts to make compatible products in the established market. They gave tough time for all those manufacturers who really were interested in making new mobile phones. At least they had to face a serious setback. Apple was building its own hardware where as it was quite a challenging situation that manufacturers couldn’t make efforts in order to run iOS on their own hardware. But with the help of android, an ease was there for manufacturers to make such phones which can compete Apple. They need not to worry for making their own operating system. This benefit was enjoyed equally in the IT market by all the leading firms’ .Hence the invention of android created the atmosphere of shared environment.

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