[How To] do Video Chat on Android : Fring

Android is gaining popularity day by day. So many third party tools have also started building their apps on Android platform.

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With Fring on Android, you can make video calls to your friends.

Fring allows you to chat and also make voice calls to all your Fring contacts. With fring, you can also chat with your Gtalk, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Hotmail and skype friends.

Fring is an Android app that makes the video calling simpler and at ease. You can do video calling with your three other partners at same time, means 4 people can video chat simultaneously. Plus you get free chat. The calls can be done on either 3G, 4G or Wifi. The calls would be free, which is another more benefit to you.

Fring Features

  • Free Group Video Chatting and Video Calling
  • Simultaneously 4 users can chat at the same time without any sort of interruption. It means now you have Group Video-Calling.
  • The app uses Dvq Technology that makes the quality unique.
  • The calls can be either on Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G and they will be free.
  • You can call to any of your friend, in any part of the world free. The only requirement and condition is that he/she must be having the app installed on its mobile device.
  • The developers have released the version for iOS and Nokia devices as well.
  • If your partner is not having the fring app installed then you can purchase the fringout credit card and call any landline or cell number at very cheap rates. The number can belong to anyone all over the world. Their rates for 1 minute are India – 1.2c, USA – 0.9 c, Canada – 0.7 c, UK – 1 c etc.

So, enjoy video-chatting on Android mobiles 🙂

Video Chat on Android

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