Opera 10.60 Alpha1 is available for download

Opera 10.60 alpha 1 is released by Opera team and is available for download for all. This is the first alpha version of opera 10.60.

Opera team says that this version would be with increased performance over previous ones. They have done good improvements in Javascript, CSS and DOM.

In addition to performance, some UI changes are also there. UI changes are been added so that the new interface looks good in design and it can attract the new visitors. Also, the old users may find it more appealing and can interact more with it.

Opera 10.60 Alpha1

Opera team has disabled the Windows 7 taskbar previews because as per them it was causing frustration for users with lot of tabs opened. However, still if you want, you can enable them from the Tabs sections of the Preferences dialog. The taskbar previews will remain disabled by default.

This new version has been thoroughly tested so that it works with all major operating systems – Mac OSX, Windows and Linux.

Also, Opera blog warns that this is a just an alpha build of Opera which is released for testing purposes, and there can be some bugs too.

You can download Opera Alpha version from official Opera blog at

Update June 23, 2011

No doubt that this browser is not as popular as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox but then also it keeps a good market share. Many people love to surf on it due to its light-weight capability and good look and design. Me personally don’t have it installed on my lappy or desktop computer as Firefox and Google Chrome are going good for me. But then also the persons who love to explore new technologies and like to work on new screens can give it a try. If you do not feel ease to it, you can later uninstall it. So, I think there’s no harm in just a try.

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