Your VPN may be Worthless if it doesn’t Offer these Features

An antivirus isn’t really good if it only protects you from viruses, turning a blind eye on malware, adware, spyware or ransomware. The same is with VPN services – they should offer much more than the simple IP masking feature.

A proper VPN service will offer many features, such as quality, 24/7 customer support, a large network of high speed servers, multiple protocols for encryption, or support for multiple platforms.
Many people will tell you that a free VPN service is good enough, but the majority of those don’t offer even the most essential of features, such as multiple encryption protocols and those should probably be avoided.

Choosing a quality VPN service is extremely important. Not only will it allow you to watch blocked content (such as Netflix, for example), but it will also encrypt your online activities, essentially shielding you from prying eyes. And in today’s world, where everyone wants to know what you’re up to, staying anonymous online is as important as not keeping your wallet in your back pocket. Do as much research as you can before deciding. Ask on Twitter, read reviews. Here are some of the essential VPN features you should look for when choosing a new VPN.

Worldwide Server Network
‘The more, the merrier’, goes the saying, and a quality VPN service will go by it. Having a worldwide network of servers offers many benefits, with the main ones being more speed and stability, as well as more options to hide your IP address and your location from any prying eyes.

Multiple encryption protocols
Free VPN services usually only offer one type of encryption protocol – PPTP VPNs. There are some security experts out there which will tell you that this protocol itself isn’t all that secure. A good VPN service will offer multiple encryption protocols, thus offering extra layers of protection.

VPN blocking countermeasures
Just as there are sites preventing people that come with ad blocking software from viewing their content, there are now sites and services blocking their content from people that come through a VPN. A quality VPN service will offer countermeasures, essentially preventing VPN blockers from banning you.

Zero Logging DNS
A DNS (domain name system) is what ISPs use to translate website domain names (the www’s and the .com’s) into IP addresses where the sites reside. That leaves much room for your online activity to be tracked and logged. A quality VPN service will offer a zero-knowledge DNS, effectively rendering any data censorship irrelevant.

Apps for multiple platforms
The digital world is essentially a multiverse – Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Linux, those are just some of the platforms people use to get online and connect. Some VPN services will limit their users to certain platforms, while the best ones will offer apps on all platforms.

A VPN is the first, and one of the most important steps to protecting your digital identities, your data and your privacy. It should not be taken lightly, and should not be underestimated. Do not choose anything but the very best VPN services for you, and if your current VPN does not offer the features listed above, you should switch before it gets too late.

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