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Voip     20 August 2011     9 Comments

Technology reviews is one of the favorite hobbies that I have. Reviewing different products and services helps ourselves remain informed, and we make more informed decisions. This review will review Axvoice from different aspects and will let you know what you should expect from it as a service.

Installation and setting up

The first important thing that I considered necessary for an internet phone service is that its user should be able to understand how to operate it. Factually yet ironically, there are no such guarantees before buying the service that you will be able to have a service which would easily get you there. There can be many problems that you might face in installation, configuration and setup. I can however say that my experience with Axvoice went smooth and there weren’t any hiccups to report. When I unpacked the VoIP ATA box, there was a user manual in it and I found all the instructions very easily. However, due to my prior knowledge and experience with internet phone services, I was quickly able to install it without reading through the manual given.

Voice quality

The first thing that I notice about a phone service is the quality of voice that it offers to its customers. If you have a phone service and you are not getting the good quality voice, it is like saying that I have TV but its picture is not pretty clear. Therefore, never compromise on the quality of voice that is offered. I started making local calls first. Once I got through them, then I hooked my phone to destinations world over. Surprisingly, there weren’t any issues that need reporting. Even long distance phone calls were pretty comfortable. I am satisfied with the voice quality that it offers.

Price of calls

A primary reason why people switch to internet phone is that they want to save their monthly phone bill expenditures. When I consider a VoIP phone expensive, I just don’t go for it, no matter what. Axvoice offers average call rates for the domestic phone calls and there isn’t much different here when compared with the other VoIP providers out there. On the other hand, when we are talking about international phone calls, this is where the Axvoice advantage starts kicking in. They offer calling facility to almost every part of the world, and the service is really low cost, no matter what destination you have in mind.


BYOD or Bring Your Own Device is another good feature which I really like about Axvoice. With this feature, Axvoice allows all its new customers that were previously using some other VoIP service, to use the equipment of that service with the phone service of Axvoice. This is an excellent feature as it will help the customers save more cost.

Features offered

There are many big VoIP companies out there that make tall claims but few of them are able to offer good service features to their customers. Axvoice offers all its advanced features to its customers within the same call plans. Other service providers however do offer advanced service features but an additional cost.

My overall experience with Axvoice has been good and I did not find anything wrong with it. I would recommend its usage because they deliver what they say they would instead of making big claims.




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  1. Adam Arnold says:

    Well many voip providers have very strange process for installation and configuration of their service. Axvoice’s installation is not a very big issue. If you are having any problem in installation, you can contact their live support. However, in our office, we never had to contact them for configurations.

  2. Christian Regul says:

    These free within the network calls offer great opportunity for the small businessmen who have very small budget. They get low cost local and international calls from voip service and this free within the network call facility brings their budget near zero level.

  3. Damian Shembel says:

    Yes configuration with axvoice is easy because they email complete details. If someone has any problem, he can contact their live support. If you follow the instructions sent by them, you would complete the process in 2-3 minutes without any one’s help.

  4. Heather Kocan says:

    Besides that configuration process, their BOYD option is another facility. They sent me an adapter but I wanted to use it on my computer. I asked their live support team and they said it was possible. I installed the soft phone on my site and now I use it on my computer and phone set as per my requirement.

  5. Alberto Arias says:

    Well this can be called another reason of the popularity of VoIP. Right now, you can use voip phone service on you computer as well as on your touch tone phone set. People are using this technology on their ipads also.

  6. Fred Davis says:

    Yes the technology of VoIP has a lot of flexibility in it. It can be used the way you want. You can get even a customized solution also. You can use it on many gadgets and people are using it even via USB. However, USB voip has not been very successful.

  7. peterw says:

    Is this just another average VoIP provider?

  8. Andy Geary says:

    Yes voip with usb has not been very successful. Definitely there is nothing wrong with the technology of VoIP or USB technology. Main problem is that USB voip uses wireless technology. Wireless technology depends on environment and communication quality varies according to the weather conditions.

  9. Charlos Burkett says:

    Well we can’t say Axvoice is just another VoIP service provider. It is true that so many people have started VoIP business in the last two years but Axvoice has been in the market for the last five years. Right now, Axvoice is offering more features at much lower prices so we can’t say Axvoice is just another provider.

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