Google Adsense New Interface : Get Beta Invitation

Google soon is going to introduce a new interface for its Adsense publishers. This is good news for some publishers only, because this is new feature will only be available to some of the adsense publishers. Google will send an invitation to some of the randomly selected Adsense publishers. This new interface will offer much more detailed report for your currently running Adsense account. You will be able to get a much wider report for your channels and ads.

Adsense New Interface

As per google, this is just a beta test and Google will expand this interface to other publishers in the coming months.
To apply for this beta-test, just fill this Interest Form of Beta Test for Adsense New Interface
Adsense Beta Test Interest form

NOTE: Google will only send you an invitation if your account’s display language is English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, or Japanese.

Update: The Internet Giant has made available this new interface for all its publishers and now everyone can enjoy this new full-featured screen and see all his earnings and reportings in it. Now it is not limited to any particular user or country but is open for all.

The new UI screen is far better than the old one and shows the reporting of ad impressions, CTR, CPC, money etc. far better than the previous one.

Google has also integrated now ‘Reporting By Country’ and the users can see which country of the world is giving them the best efforts. It also helps in getting the traffic as you can then write specific to that country and target the people living there.


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