How Works Google

For any website or blog, Google plays a major role in traffic. No doubt, every SEO wants to have a good traffic from Google and for that, one focus on titles, tags, post content, categories, page rankback-linking etc.

For this, I think it would be best if you know the functioning of the search engine Google that how it works and by knowing its functionality, you can do the SEO better of your website and the better SEO in turn can give you better exposure in the indexing.

Google’s Webmaster Team Head Matt Cutts explains everything in this video.

When you search a query and hit your computer’s Enter key then the query is fired on the Big G’s hundreds of servers. The results from each of the server are taken and then again the best out of those results are taken out.

The results are then indexed with high-valuable link at the top and the lowest one in the bottom of that queue.

This queue is then shown on the Big Daddy’s homepage with all the results in the pagination way. The best one is shown at the top. Users get what they want.

The way to get your blog’s link at the top is just by doing the good seo of your blog and if optimization is good then definitely you can see your website at the top of the results on page 1.

The below video is must for every blogger and webmaster to see. Please see it and let me know here if it helped you or not.

This is a video by Matt Cutts of Google which tells you how works google. This is a must watch video for every webmaster.

How Search Works – Video


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