Enable Video Mirroring on iPad 1

Video Mirroring is the most cool and interesting feature of iPad 2. It comes very handy in the conferences organized for business and education purposes. Any app on iPad2 can be mirrored on the big screen of television by just an extra cable and you need no setup or any sort of extra installation. You can see all your apps, presentations, slides to any monitor that supports HDMI or VGA.
Enable Video Mirroring in iPad1

But officially this feature is available only for iPad 2. But unofficially yes 🙂 , it’s now possible to enable this mirroring on iPad1 also by Natures Eye Studies hack. You need to follow some easy steps for this.

How to Enable Video Mirroring on iPad 1
1. First of all, you need to jailbreak your iPad1. You can jailbreak your iPad1 using either Pwnage Tool or RedSn0w.

2. Download Cyberduck for Mac

3. On your iPad1, open ‘Cydia’, search ‘OpenSSH’ and install it.

4. Using SSH, go to system/library/coreservices/springboard.app/. If you are unaware of SSH, refer this link Limera1n.

5. Download the K48AP.plist to your Mac desktop.

6. Open K48AP.plist in any plist editor.

7. Add the string “display-mirroring boolean YES” as shown in image below.
How to do iPad1 Mirroring

8. Save this file and upload it back to your mac desktop.

9. Restart your iPad.

10. Enjoy Video Mirroring using either Digital AV Adapter or VGA.

Complete Tutorial at NatureEyeStudios via MacStories

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