Manage Android Phones Profiles with Profili-Fi app

XDA member, RFLabs has released an Android app Profili-Fi that manages your mobiles profiles based on scanning of Wi-Fi Hotspots. The app makes the way simpler and easier for you to manage your phone’s profiles.

The name Profili-Fi comes from the merging of Profile with Wi-Fi. The app doesn’t require the phone to be WiFi enabled as the internal settings makes the app work perfectly.

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Manage Android Phones Profiles with Profili-Fi app

Features of Profili-Fi Android app

  • Adding / Editing / Removing profiles (Sound, Silent, Vibrate, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Auto-Sync)
  • Switch phone profile between Wi-Fi spots
  • Switch phone profile by schedule
  • Switch phone profile with manual profiles
  • Filter networks by mac address
  • Networks collision detection
  • Scan Network
  • Info on the status bar
  • Task when detected a collision
  • Hibernate
  • Icon on status bar

Profili-Fi is a paid app that you can download from Market at €0.99. The current version is 2.03 and it requires Android 1.6 and higher.

Download Profili-Fi Android App from Market


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