[How To] Install RipDev Installer on iPhone and iPod Touch

Infini-Dev Team has released RipDev Installer for iOS 4.3.3 idevices. This Installer is an alternative to Cydia but works differently from it. And therefore, you can’t add the Cydia repos to it. This released works on all versions of iOS which are equal to or greater than version 2.1. It is tested on all the versions from 2.1 to 4.3.3 and it works very well with every version.

It is world’s first third party app store and was introduced by NullRiver. Later it came to know as RipDev.

Infini team is working on a new community source for this Installer, which means that you would be able to install the things through it.

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Cydia Alternative Ripdev Installer

Installing RipDev Installer App on iPhone or iPod Touch

1. Your iPod Touch or iPhone must be jail broken. You can do this by [Pwnage] or [RedSn0W]

2. Download Installer 4.1 and extract the contents.

3. Go to Cydia and download OpenSSH.

4. Install OpenSSH

5. Get the IP address of your device from Settings app.

6. Download WinSCP.

7. Open SSH Client and SSH to your iPod Touch or iPhone. The default password is ‘alpine’.

8. Copy Installer.app to Applications directory.

9. If you are unable to open the Installer, enter the following commands in the Terminal
chmod 755 /Applications/Installer.app/Installer
chmod 777 /Applications/Installer.app/Installer

10. You will see that a new icon is added to the Springboard.

11. Tap on that icon to access the apps.

As of today, Infini Development Team website is down and so they have made a temporary blogspot blog to help all in case any problems.

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