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The official Netflix app for Android smartphones was out a few days back. But the bad thing was that it was incompatible for most of the phones. Only some of the Android handsets like Nexus S, Nexus One, G2, HTC Evo 4G and HTC Incredible are compatible with the initial version of this app.

So, if you own any of the above listed devices, it’s good for you but what if your mobile set doesn’t have support for this app. There’s nothing to panic now as the hackers at XDA have successfully modified this app and their modified version lets you install it on any Android Smartphone.

Your phone must be rooted or stock one for this apk file to work.

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Installing Netflix on Android Phones

Installing Netflix App on Android Mobiles

1. Download the Netflix Apk file from below xda link, which is at end of post. You can download netflix-devicecheck-disabled.apk as it has Device Check Disabled. Comment below if you are unable to download. We will email it to you.

2. Connect your mobile phone with your pc via a USB cable.

3. Mound the SD card as disk drive.

4. Copy the apk file to SD card root.

5. Download any File Manager, we recommend Astro File Manager and install it on your device.

6. Launch the File Manager.

7. Tap on SD card.

8. Navigate to the apk file that you downloaded.

9. Tap on this apk and install it.

10. After installation is complete, exit the file manager.

11. Launch Netflix app from the home screen.

12. If you see that the app is closing forcefully or you are facing crashing after login, go to Step1 and download netflix-mod-2.apk . After download, follow the above full steps again from Step2 onwards.




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51 Comments so far

  1. Daniel says:

    I downloaded the app now it is saying that there is a new version that needs to be updated to run the app but will not find the app on the market.

    What can I do?

  2. Joe says:

    Well its not working for me…I cant find a file manager or installer to install it…they all keep saying parse error…also i’m not sure WHERE TO install it …if that even makes a phone is a Huawei ascend m860 rooted 2.1 any knowledge would be appreciated

  3. special says:

    i need it emailed if possible

  4. Steven says:

    Works flawless on my stock Droid X. Thanks!

  5. Tc Willi says:

    Atul, I need the link to download the nextflix apk for my HTC Sensation emailed to me. I had it on my G2, must have on this phone πŸ™

  6. Jon says:

    I am unable to download netflix.apk

  7. Kim says:

    Can you send me the link by email? I have a rooted Motorola Droid 2.

  8. NormM says:

    Hey guys just got a 2.2 Android tablet would this APP be the same for my tablet as it is for fhones?

  9. Janier says:

    Can someone help me. I have gotten the apk of netflix and my phone says that there is nothing that can open this file so it wont install on phone. I have a stock HTC Sensation(not rooted) can someone send me the right apk of tell me what I am doing wrong

  10. Jdog says:

    Could you please email the APK file to me also. Trying to get it to work on my Nook Color. Thanks

  11. Tedwill1959 says:

    Please email the netflix apk to me at

  12. Linh says:

    Could you please send it to me also? Thank you πŸ™‚

  13. Renae says:

    Could you please send me the app as well. I have a Samsung Galaxy tab phone. Thank you, Renae

  14. Ben says:

    Thanks for emailing my wife the apk file. It worked like charm. I was able to install it on her new 7″ Samsung Galaxy.

  15. Jesse3 says:

    Hello Atul, could I get the apk file for an HTC Inspire aka Desire (not rooted)?



  16. Jesse3 says:

    Hey Atul,

    Thanks for the email. I downloaded, but it doesn’t show the picture of the movie (only the sound). I keep getting a msg saying there’s a newer version available so I attempt to get it, but it says it cannot find this file. What should I do?

  17. Jesse3 says:

    Could you please email the netflix-mod-2.apk instead?

  18. black says:

    Could you place send this to me thank you netfil
    X apk

  19. ALan says:

    Works great on NON-rooted HTC Sensation. I had Astro file manager installed. Used just regular Windows XP explorer file folders to drag drop file to USB mounted android.

    Then used Astro to install. It did require me to change my HTC settings to allow install of non-market apps.

    I also got the pop up about a newer version when I started the Netflix app but just ignored it.

    Watching a movie inside of 2 minutes of seeing this post!

    Netflix sucks for not providing this to its paying member so you guys are extra GREAT!


  20. cyclops says:

    Can you send me the apk and the 2.apk. HTC inspire (not rooted).

  21. shm says:

    Help when I select the file in the file manager it says error file to large wat am I doing wrong can u email me the links as well. Thanks

  22. jose mondragon says:

    Gracias .

  23. jimmy james says:

    hello i need the apk for a galaxy tab p1000L since the one i donwloaded from xda once opened wants to update if i go OK it wont open the market since it doesnt find any apk y i go CANCEL i’m able to acces the app but once i click on PLAY it says my device needs to be update to stream the media, i have ANDROID 2.2 FROYO.

    please could you email me the correct apk for my tablet?

    thanks in advance and best regards


  24. posta124 says:

    Downloaded to Astro, able to install on T-Mobile G-Slate. Opens and gets to netflix page. When I go to play, says it is unable to reach the netflix service. What am I missing?

    Thanks Much!

    G-Slate 3.1

  25. Joe says:

    I have a huawei ascend rooted, can you please send me the apk. For netflix…

  26. juan says:

    I am unable to download netflix.apk can you email it please

  27. Luiz Garrido says:


    I have a set top box with android 2.3, I downloaded de APK and installed, when I ran the Netflix app appeared a message saying to upgrade the Netflix Version, I ignored and the message “This Netflix version is not accepted anymore”, so I closed the app, opened again and put to upgrade, all the upgrade download was fine, but when the download is 100% the message “Preparing to update” appear and stays like this for a long time, like it’s not updating anything.

    Can you please help me??

  28. Meyer says:


    I have a Pandigital Star and I badly need netflix. I searched on google and thats how i got here. Can you please send me both .apks in case the other doesn’t work, i should be able to try the other one thanks.


  29. Jose ramirez says:

    I am hoping to have a great expirience

  30. armando says:

    Can’t download netflix apk file please send via email. Need one that will run on gingerbread. Thanks

  31. Reese Manning says:

    @Atul I need the link

  32. melda says:

    I’m trying to install it but it’s so hard, pls. Help

  33. melda says:

    Raul pls. Send me. On how to install it on my kindle fire

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