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From time to time, we have to sync our favorite Apple iOS device iPhone. For this, we sync it with iTunes. And we all know that while iPhone is syncing with iTunes, we can’t use iPhone. This sometimes is really frustrating, especially when syncing takes around 8-10 minutes. To add more on this, suppose you have to go somewhere to some party. You were in your home when your friends come and ring your door-bell. You open the door and surprise to see them at the door. You all have to go to a party but suddenly, you remember that your idevice needs to be synced with Apple’s software iTunes. You start syncing but want to leave your house only when the process completes. In such a case, if the processing takes 2-3 minutes also then also it looks as too much frustrated. But if the processing crosses this time-frame and crosses 7 to 8 minutes then it becomes very much frustrated for you.

Sync iPhone FreeSync

So, FreeSync is the solution to such frustration. It is a cydia tweak that allows you to use your iPhone even when it is syncing. You can enable this tweak through the ‘Settings’. The tweak can also be disabled through the same ‘Settings’ option.

The app also proves useful for the person if one is in serious need of making a call to someone and the same time syncing starts. Suppose the syncing process is in progress and you realize that you have to call someone very urgently. But due to the sync-process which is in progress, your mobile is locked and you are unable to call that person. FreeSync comes handy in this situation also. It overrides such locking feature and you can enjoy your homescreen as you do in normal way. You can make any call and can even launch any app or play any game on your iOS device.

FreeSync will send you an alert when the sync process starts and also when it ends. The options of notifications include stand-bar icon, alert, vibration, voice, pulse bar and undim screen. It helps you accessing every feature except the music and ipod apps as they can cause to corruption of data.

This iTunes Sync was one of the features that was missing in Apple’s iOS devices and it was being criticized on this on comparison with Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone. But now, this criticism is over.

One another functionality of this app is that if you have disabled this application then self custom wallpaper can be set on your idevice.

You can download FreeSync through repository Xsellize on Cydia. And from ModMyi repository, you can get it at the cost of one United States dollar.

Cydia FreeSync Video

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