How to Install Ubuntu on Nexus S

Stroughtonsmith from XDA developers has booted Ubuntu on Nexus S.

You can also boot and install Ubuntu OS on Nexus S using the below method, implemented by Stroughtonsmith
1. Grab a copy of Ubuntu for HD2 from
2. Make a folder by the name ‘ubuntu‘ (all letters should be in lowercase).
3. Take the rootfs.ext2 file and put it into ubuntu folder.
4. Use fastboot to boot the image
5. After the device is booted, screen will look weird. To resolve this, ADB push the file to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.
6. Reboot Ubuntu.

Install Ubuntu Nexus S

Prior to Ubuntu, Stroughtonsmith booted Meego OS. Thus, Ubuntu is second non-Android OS running on Nexus S.

NOTE: Follow the above method only if you are expert. You can read this more in XDA Developers Thread at

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