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Do you find the iPhone’s pop-up style notification system irritating while doing some work on the phone, especially when you are busy playing games or chatting with your friends, using Facebook and Twitter etc? You are replying on your friend’s messages on Twitter and suddenly you get a SMS on your phone. iPhone will alert you of the SMS and your connection with your friend gets interrupted. You feel to throw away your phone 🙂 . The current iPhone’s Notification System displays alerts and notifications as a pop-up whenever there is a new SMS, VoiceMail, Alarm etc.
Icon Notifier Cydia App

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IconNotifier is a Cydia app that replaces the default popup style notification system of iPhone with icon-based notification system. It will reroute app notification, will block popup alerts and will display the notifications under the appropriate app icon.

IconNotifier is a paid cydia app which you can purchase for $2.99.

With which iOS Applications Icon-Notifier Works
IconNotifier works with the major iOS applications such as:

  • Phone
  • VoiceMail
  • Push
  • SMS
  • Alarm
  • Calendar
  • Timer
  • Low Power
  • iPod
  • Popup blocker



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