Songbird for Android 1.0 Released

Music-lovers are always in search of a good media player. In these media player lists, one name is of Songbird for Android. You can easily browse your music collection in Songbird and accessing your playback controls. This version of Songbird allows you to share your songs with your Flickr and Facebook friends.
Songbird Android

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Features available in Songbird for Android:
• Clean and clear UI with unique ‘now playing’ drawer
• Matching widget with album art
• Flickr photo-stream
• Facebook ‘Like’ Integration
• You can create new playlists and edit them.
• Set your favorite track as your ringtone
• Headset support (Bluetooth and wired)
• Audioscrobbler support
• Full-featured search
• Super-simple music browse + playback control

Download Songbird

via Downloadsquad and Songbird

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