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Best Mobile Antivirus F-Secure Mobile Internet Security is offering free antivirus for mobile phones.

F-Secure Mobile Internet Security Features
1. Protects smart phones from viruses.
2. Locates the stolen phone.
3. Secures the personal data from hackers and unwanted persons.

4. If any person is using your child’s smartphone then that person can be tracked.

5. You can browse safely.

6. It makes sure that your online identity is safe and free from the hackers.

F-Secure is best antivirus of mobile in the way that it also protects your phone from thieves. If someone stoles your smartphone or by chance you lose it, the antivirus helps you to track your phone.

I also shared the method to know the location of your handset when it is lost. For this, you should try checking the below mentioned articles:

FSecure is a trusted name in antivirus and anti-spyware software world. The company is having 16 global offices, with presence in more than 100 countries. The company is growing continuously and regarding its security, it claims its anti-virus as the complete one-stop protection. It says that you are safe if you are using them. You will never need to worry of any trojans and unwanted injectors.

F-Secure Mobile Security License key costs $39.99 for 1 year which we are offering you free here.

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How to get FSecure Mobile Antivirus for free
*Go to their
*Become their fan on facebook
*Enter your Email-Address as shown in image below.
*Select your country and click Submit button.

Download F-Secure Mobile Antivirus free

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