Woo Themes Huge Christmas Discount on WordPress Themes

Woo Themes is offering huge discount on occasion of Christmas.

WooThemes is one of the best premium WordPress themes that provide lot of advanced options to the user. You can customize the template as per your needs.

Currently, Woo Themes have total 81 themes to choose from. And they are continuously adding the new templates in its package, all for WordPress users.

We too are using Woo Themes here on TechOfWeb. We are using Daily Edition Theme from Woo.

This discount is one of the biggest discounts that WooTheme is giving on Christmas.

WooThemes Huge Christmas Discount

Highlights of this offer
1. Standard Package will cost $70 and you will get 4 themes.
2. Developer Package will cost $150 and you will get 4 themes. You will also get all themes photoshop .psd files with this package.
3. For Enterprise Themes, you need to pay $200.

In addition to above, one can also join The Standard Club and The Developer Club.

Both Club packages give you access to all 81 templates. The only difference between these 2 is that Developer one includes photoshop files while Standard doesn’t. The advantage of having .psd files is that you can edit the design as per you want. So, if you are a designer/developer then you can purchase the latter pkg but if you are a simple user who has no relations with the development then consider using the Standard one and there’s no need of expending the money on the second pkg.

Standard Club package has a startup fee of $85 and $15 monthly fee whereas Developer Club package has startup fee of $140 and monthly fee as $20

NOTE: This discount is valid only upto Dec 31.

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