Earn Money On Twitter using Sponsored Tweets

How to earn money on twitter?

Is there any way to make hard cash using Twitter?

I have more than 1k followers. How can I earn through them?

The answer to all the above questions is Sponsored Tweets. If you have around 1500 followers on twitter then you should sure give a try to this method. Sponsored tweets can prove a side-business for you.

Tweeting is becoming very much popular now-a-days and many people try to spend their part-time and some of them even full time on this one of the biggest social networking channel. People spend hours just reading, writing and chatting with each other on this site.

Many people who are in online internet business always remain in searching new ways of earning money on the net. Many find and implement them and after implementing feel very happy and satisfy 🙂

When I entered in online world, I also searched a lot to make good dollars. After starting with my blog, I thought of earning from Twitter and finally I reached to my destination SponsoredTweets. You can set your Twitter account, the charges that you want for each tweet and keywords on which you would like to accept advertiser requests.

The price depends on you what you want to set. I would advice to set the minimum price. The site also suggests you the dollars that you can charge each advertiser. And you should not set the amount greater to that number. Infact, the lower number is much better.

Moreover, this is the easiest way to make money online. You have just to send a tweet to your followers – that’s it. You can also set a tweet price for you. Once your account reaches $50 threshold, you will be paid.

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