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Inspite of good antivirus installed on a computer, hackers can hack your important passwords which can be of your personal emails or even your bank accounts and paypals. You do any online transaction and think that you are safe from online hackers. Buts it’s not so. If the person is good at keylogging, he can hack all your secret information using keylogger software. Such trojans try to capture your webcam, screenshots etc.

The Keylogger software is one that records your computers key-strokes and based on that, can track anything that you type on your pc with keyboard’s keystrokes used.

Hackers can use such automated softwares and can lock your every key-press event. By doing so, they can penetrate into your personal accounts by using your credentials that they get from such automated tools. Once they have full control of your accounts, they can go through your every important email/message and account. They can then misuse that personal information and can leave you bare-handed.

Zemana Antilogger blocks all such keylogging methods. You can install the antilogger along with your current antivirus installed. Zemana adds another protection layer to your system.

Zemana is offering its $34 License for free. This giveaway offer is in collaboration with Softpedia. It’s around 6 MB and is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 (32-Bit only).

How To Get Zemana AntiLogger License Free

  • Download Zemana AntiLogger.
  • Install it.
  • Reboot your system.

Zemana Antilogger

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