Partition SD card to run Windows Phone7 and Android both

Now, you can enable your Android and Windows Phone 7 to share the same SD card. XDA developers have come out with a way to dual boot Windows Phone7 and Android.

You need 2 SD cards and SD partition software for this. In this dual boot procedure, you need to install WP7 in Nand and Android on SD card.

Both WP7 and Android cannot be run from Nand at the same time as there are some limitations in both operating systems.

If you have a small wp7 partition on your HTC HD2 and you transfer this to your larger SD card then it should not affect any of your live services as wp7 will boot from this partition and reflashing of wp7 is not required. However, if you are recreating the partitions then you need to reflash WP7 and need to reconnect live services.

So, if you want to dual boot Android and Windows Phone 7 both on your HD2, then follow the instructions listed below:

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You can follow below mentioned method for this.

Booting Android and Windows

1. You should have 2 SD cards with yourself. One bigger one and one smaller one. You can take one 16Gb and one 8Gb. 16Gb will be your permanent one and smaller SD card will help you to get a small partition that can be copied to bigger Sd card.

2. You need any of the available Sd partition tools. We, however, used Easeus. You can download it from internet at

3. Insert the 8gb sd card into your mobile.

4. With the help of Magldr 1.1.2, consider flashing rom.

5. Reset smartphone and start Windows Phone7.

6. Switch off the mobile.

7. Pull out 8Gb sd card.

8. Put both cards in your computer.

9. Run Partition Manager Easeus.

10. It will show you both cards.

11. You will see that there are 2 partitions on 8gb sd card. One will be unformatted one which is your Windows partition.

12. You should remove the bigger sd card partition. For this, right-click delete after selecting the partition and click ‘Apply’.

13. Resize and copy fat16 of 8gb card to 16gb sd card. For this, on 8gb sd card, select partition, select copy by right-clicking it and follow the onscreen instructions. Please be careful while doing resizing. From larger card, minus the smaller card size and set the equivalent value is fat16 resize value.
Example: Bigger card: 16Gb
Unformatted Partition: 6gb
Resize value = 16-8 = 8gb.

14. Click on ‘Apply’.

15. Copy unformatted partition from smaller card to larger one. You should use the above instructions in Steps 13 and 14.

16. Click ‘Apply’.

17. Please note that before copying android build and while you are already in windows, format fat32 with the help of 64/32 bit sectors. We use 64bit one.

18. Copy Android sd builds onto fat32. Please make sure that you not use mass-storage.

19. Pull out 16gb card and insert into your mobile.

20. Reboot the mobile.

21. Hold Red end button.

22. You will enter in the Magldr boot menu.

23. Use Vol-down in magldr1.1.2 and go to Services(9).

24. Click ‘Green Phone button’ for selecting.

25. With using vol keys, select ‘Bootsettings’ and click ‘Green phone key’ for selecting.

26. Select ‘Always menu’ by using vol keys and click ‘green phone button’.

27. You will see that you get magldr menu on start-up and you can choose between android and wp7 as booting selection.

28. For confirmation, choose ‘Green phone button’.

29. You will see that you are on the initial magldr1.1.2 menu.

30. Follow steps 23, 24 and 25 again.

31. Choose ‘AD SD Dir’ and click ‘green phone button’.

32. Choose the directory where Android build is there.

33. Reset the mobile and enter magldr1.1.2.

34. Now you have 2 options in front of you. You can either choose ‘Boot SD Ad’ for android booting or ‘Boot WPH’ for windows phone booting.

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