Router Utilities Android app for knowing Adsl max speed

If you are much into networking line and usually go deep into routers and modems then you should look into the ‘Router Utilities’ application developed by ‘talexop’. The app has many types of utilities for the routers. I must say that this app is not for general-purpose use and only technical guys can make use of it. Even if you are a technical person then also it is not sure that the app is going to help you. If you are a techie and in networking field then only you can take any benefit of this Android application.

What Router Utilities app does?

Calculating Maximum Speed of Adsl: The app lets you in knowing the max speed of your router and you can know how much speed it is having and how much it should have. This calculation is dependent on some static information. From your router, you have to find the db (downstream attenuation). After knowing the db, you can know the distance of Dslam and based on the noise of your line, you can know the max speed.

Knowing the ports of various applications: You have various services available which are running. The services are running but you are unaware of the ports on which these services and apps are running. But with ‘Router Utilities’, you can know the ports of each and every service. You can also configure the ports manually and can forward them to the router page.

Router Utilities Android Adsl

‘Router Utilities’ lacks the documentation on forwarding the ports. It also lacks the default credentials for router. I wish these two functionalities to be added in it. However, the developer assures that he will add these 2 options also sometime.

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As I said initially that the ‘Router Utilities’ is only for techie guys, so install it only if you think that it is going to help you in some way. If you are not into technical field and that too in the networking then do not waste your time in installing it. Also, the developer is clearing this point that non-networking persons will not find it useful. If you are non-networking guy and are installing it then at some point of time you have to remove it and in frustration, you have to rate it negatively. So, just keep yourself away from ‘Router Utilities’. The app also contains some ads which the programmer has added to get some monetary benefits.

Download Router Utilities from Android Market.

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