Android Task Manager – Know what Android mobile is doing

Do you want to know about your Android mobile that what it is doing presently?

If you own any Windows machine then you know that by Ctrl+Alt+Delete. You can open the ‘Task Manager’ and can know that what your computer is doing and which services are running on it. If you want, you can manually kill any service. The Task Manager can also be opened by right-clicking the taskbar (which is in the bottom tray of your desktop) and clicking ‘Start Task Manager’.

But in case of Android mobile phones, if we want such information then the application which we are currently using would be suspended and it will become more difficult for us to grab the resources utilized by the current application without having it closed.

Android Task manager Diagnosis

To solve this problem, ‘Diagnosis – System Information’ developed by developer ‘darken’ proves useful. The application will act as Windows Task Manager of your mobile phone.

Android Task Manager Diagnosis features

• The app Diagnosis helps in displaying the data of your smartphone.

• You can know the data used by other applications or the presently running application.

• The data of that app will be displayed in the top bar.

• The data is shown in a small text that is customizable as per user’s choice.

• The data that is being getting recorded can be saved in the database so that it can be retrieved later-on and can be utilized at some later point of time. The recorded data further allows you to view it in detailed format.

• This Task manager of Android includes a help file also which can be retrieved by going into Settings — > About.

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Task Manager Diagnosis of Android helps you in getting the answers of various questions such as if you want to know that whether any application is utilizing too many resources and going out of memory, if the battery is getting too much hot and the reason of that hotness, the presently running background applications, if any other application started automatically and if it created some havoc. It also gives you the answer of losing the time-track during gaming.

Data displayed by Diagnosis
The data that will be displayed can be selected from the below options:

o Usage of Cpu

o Time and Date

o Memory

o Speed of Cpu

o Currently active application

o Temperature

o Battery

o Voltage

o Traffic of network (per second download and upload)

o The apps that are utilizing more than 70 percent or 40 percent resources.

The application asks you some permission such as:
• Storage: It helps in writing the database to sdcard.

• System Tools: It helps showing the data on top of the screen. It also helps in keeping on the display during loading of the data.

You can download Android Task Manager Diagnosis from Market.

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