Automate Android Mobile with AutomateIt app

Android developer ‘Muzikant’ has coded an application that helps you in automating your android smartphone. What it means is that you can allow your mobile to do some things on its own without your interference. For this, this app comes in handy. The ‘AutomateIt’ is useful in defining a set of some desired rules which is in response to the events on Android mobile phone. Each rule acts as a key and value pair. The key here refers to as ‘Trigger’ and value refers to ‘Action’.

Android AutomateIt Triggers
The application AutomateIt has support for the below mentioned triggers:
• Triggers when any SMS is received with some information in it.

• When the receipt of SMS is received then it triggers.

• When any Bluetooth device connects.

• On some defined battery level, it triggers.

• Incoming call from anybody.

• Call from any person that is not in the contact list.

• When screen becomes off or on.

• When it connects to any WiFi network.

• On connection and disconnection of power cable.

• On enabling and disabling of state of Bluetooth.

• When Headset is plugged or un-plugged.

• Arrival or departure from any specific area.

• During enabling or disabling of WiFi.

• Trigger corresponding to time.

• When the background setting is enabled or disabled.

• During disconnecting and connecting USB chord.

• During activating or deactivating the airplane mode.

• Changing the mode from voice to vibration or silent or normal one.

• Docking to desk or car.

• Calling somebody. The person can be from contacts or can be from outside the contacts.

• Triggering manually.

• During activation or de-activation of some defined apps.

• If your GPS searches for a specific area or if it stops searching for the area.

Automate Android Mobile

Android AutomateIt Actions

Below mentioned actions are supported by Automate-It for Android:
• Notifications are shown on the bar.

• Setting state of Bluetooth as disabled or enabled.

• The volume of any stream can be set.

• The WiFi Adapter State can be enabled or disabled.

• Enabling and disabling of some rules.

• Playing the selected sound.

• Starting the app.

• Launching of Home-Screen.

• Activating airplane mode. Also, when it is de-activated.

• Enabling and disabling GPS.

• When data connectivity action is enabled or disabled. Please note that it does not work for all devices.

• Killing of app.

• Setting Phone data.

• Setting the brightness of screen.

• Dialing number.

• Sending messages on any number.

• Setting automatic rotation of screen.

• Setting screen timeout. You can also set it to not turn it off always.

• Shutting down the phone.

• Text to voice.

With Automateit, android mobile can be automated for free as the app is free. You can download AutomateIt from Market. The app works on Android 2.2 or higher.

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